a microcast by Aaron Parecki

Episode 23: Thinking about a Website for Events

  •   7m08s / 8.88mb

Watch the video version at https://youtu.be/1Faq5tENu7Y

music by Kevin Macleod


  • Ahh this is something I’m personally wanting to. I was going to try to make it something like Eventbrite so people can build events and send RSVPs to it as well as comments and the likes. Also this video intro is excellent, gotta make it the norm on a Mr. Rogers kinda approach, lol.

  • Yes! I have been thinking about this a lot as well. Having hosted lots of IndieWeb events on my site (including HWC Baltimore and some of my improv shows), I increasingly feel like those event pages belong somewhere on the web associated with those communities.

    I will of course keep my own RSVPs, photos, and recap write-ups on my site, but would gladly syndicate them to the community event page. If the event page supports IndieWeb building blocks like microformats2 and webmention, I wouldn’t even have to do anything special for them to show up there!