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Episode 19: Soft-Launching Monocle and Aperture

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  • January


    Went to Baltimore to help put on IndieWebCamp! It was a lot of fun, and I even added a couple fun things to my website during the second day.

    I also filmed the talks at the DonutJS meetup.


    I managed to publish only one episode of my podcast, Percolator, just before heading to Baltimore.

    We launched applications for the StreamPDX Podcast Fellowship Program in January! We received way more applications than we expected!

    IndieWeb Projects

    We published the final version of WebSub, and the IndieAuth note, on w3.org! Thanks to the hard work of the Social Web Working Group for all their contributions!

    My Website

    I made several improvements to my website during January!

    Other Stuff

    Finally got my OAuth 2.0 book launched for Kindle! It turns out that the Kindle requirements made it a lot more work than just uploading the existing ePub version.



    Okta hosted Iterate 2018, where I went and had a great time chatting with people about OAuth and giving out copies of my book.


    Again I managed to publish only one episode of Percolator during the month.

    The StreamPDX team reviewed all the applications to the fellowship program, and it was really tough to narrow them down! We ended up inviting a handful of people in for interviews, and chose 4 out of that group. I began working with them on their podcasts, making pretty good progress the first few weeks!

    I also taught the first Publishing your Podcast class of the season.

    IndieWeb Projects

    I made a lot of progress on my new IndieWeb reader during February! I wanted to get it in shape enough to use it during the conferences I was attending. I decided to split it into two parts, a Microsub server (Aperture) with no UI for viewing posts, and a separate client that has no storage backend of its own (Monocle).

    I added a minor feature to OwnYourGram, made some minor changes to XRay, and released an updated version of the PHP IndieAuth client.


    Big news in March! I accepted a full-time job at Okta! I've been working with Okta for quite some time now, but always part time as a contractor. I've written up more about what I'll be doing at Okta on the Okta Developers blog!


    • Co-hosted the first Homebrew Microblog Meetup with Jean
    • Went to the PDXNode Hack Night and did a lightning talk about Monocle, my IndieWeb reader
    • Filmed the talks at DonutJS, but had some technical issues with the audio, so those videos aren't nearly as good this month

    IndieWeb Projects

    I made lots of progress on Monocle, getting it to a point where I now can use it every day as my primary home on the Internet. I wrote a blog post describing how everything works, Building an IndieWeb Reader.

    Thanks to the hard work of gRegor and Martijn, we were able to get a new release of the PHP Microformats parser out the door! This is now in use by Monocle, which should improve a lot of the feeds it's seeing.


    Percolator is turning into a monthly podcast, as I managed to again get only one episode out during March.

    The StreamPDX fellowship program is continuing, I've been writing some music for one of the podcasts which has been fun, but a lot of work.

    We brought the StreamPDX trailer to the Portland Art Museum to record audio during an event!

    I taught another session of Publishing Your Podcast.

    Other Stuff

    I finally set up an account at exist.io! I went through the list of all their supported integrations, and decided to customize a bunch of them.

    Since I post notes and photos to places other than Twitter and Instagram, my website is the canonical source of my tweets and photos as well as the responses I get from them. I was able to use the Exist API to take over writing those values and now my Tweet/Instagram counts in Exist actually reflect the notes and photos I post to my own website.

    I noticed they also support tracking miles biked, so since my bike rides are already on my website, I set up a script to push that data to Exist!

    I also track other kinds of transport, and decided to use their custom tracking to visualize that per day. So now I can see at a glance which days I was on a bike, in a taxi, on a train, etc! It's pretty neat looking already, and I'm hoping they'll be able to be used in some insights later!

    The Exist API even has a section for tracking money spent, although they don't integrate with YNAB (yet!). I got beta access to the YNAB API and was able to wire it up to report my spending from certain budget categories into Exist!

  • I’m really looking forward to seeing your implementation for authenticated feeds!

    I recently set up Lasso for a private site that holds my notes and find it both a bit too heavy (I don’t want multi-domain SSO at the moment) and not flexible enough (no ACL support).