a microcast by Aaron Parecki

Episode 11: What are Instagram Stories?

  •   3m01s / 3.47mb

A bit of a diversion from my normal routine where I implemented Instagram Stories on my own website.


  • Had my own IndieWebCamp-from-home during IWC Berlin weekend! Got to at least join for remote demos though! I launched Stories on my website, which I talked briefly about in my latest Percolator episode here: https://percolator.today/episode/11 I also reduced the loading time of my website by switching my silo profile icons from individual favicons to an icon font. They're also all a uniform color now which I think helps make them not stand out as much as they did before. I also switched the map background on my site from a 1.3mb png to a 300kb jpg file. Really enjoyed watching all the other demos from Berlin, looks like it was a great weekend!