a microcast by Aaron Parecki

Episode 7: Making Micropub More Useful

  •   5m31s / 4.5mb
Thinking about what is needed for the Micropub spec for it to be even more useful.

Episode 6: My New Superpower

  •   3m26s / 3.07mb
My Overland GPS tracker app is live in the app store!

Episode 5: Homebrew Website Club

  •   2m10s / 2.2mb
We had a great Portland Homebrew Website Club!

Episode 4: Pretending to be an iOS Developer

  •   5m24s / 4.42mb
Talking about what it takes to publish an app on the iOS app store.

Episode 3: Following

  •   5m00s / 4.14mb
Thinking about how I want to follow people on the IndieWeb.

Episode 2: Publishing a Podcast

  •   4m03s / 3.49mb
Building a website for this podcast, enjoying a new coffee shop.

Episode 1: Welcome

  •   3m16s / 2.95mb
What is Percolator? Some thoughts about multi-photos in Instagram.

Aaron Parecki Aaron Parecki is the co-founder of IndieWebCamp, an annual unconference on data ownership and online identity. He edits specs at the W3C, and maintains He has spoken at conferences around the world about OAuth, data ownership, quantified self, and even explained why R is a vowel.